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The Guitar & Whiskey Club at The Canyon Club – Live Review

The Guitar & Whiskey Club at The Canyon Club – Live Review

The Guitar & Whiskey Club, The Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA., January 10, 2020

The first Highwire Daze Concert Review of the New Year took place at The Canyon Club in the wilds of Agoura Hills on a Friday night. Headlining was the one and only Jack Russell’s Great White, playing all the classics from a vast and brilliant career. Jack Russell and his crew were in top form, and delivered the goods to a packed house. Opening the show with an equal amount of sonic intrigue was The Guitar & Whiskey Club, and judging by the sheer excitement generated from the stage, there is a no doubt fan and friend membership would be increasing within the ranks of this rock and roll organization.

Mixing up the memorable original selections with a few well performed covers, The Guitar & Whiskey Club surely gained the attention of the early arrivals ready to rock out to the sounds of Jack Russell’s Great White. Opening with the spiraling refrains if The Carnival, The Guitar & Whiskey Club fearlessly launched into an absolutely solid performance. Included amongst the covers was an explosive rendition of Heart’s Barracuda – an intricate song not easy to pull off live, but one which The Guitar & Whiskey Club performed flawlessly. Flies Like Whiskey was an original highlight, slated to be on their upcoming EP, and vibrantly pulsating when unveiled within a live setting.

The musicianship found within The Guitar & Whiskey Club is inspiring and first rate. Band leader Jeffrey Donovan absolutely soars into the stratosphere on guitar. Jennifer Wylde is a thrilling and captivating front woman, bringing each and every song to an ultra-vivid life and keeping the audience thoroughly engaged throughout. Seen Robinson is a total pro rocking and rolling away on guitar while drummer Bob Sickels drives it all home with skill and precision. And supplying the dynamic low-end is newest member Andy Hewett, best known for his work in the epically underrated Evolution Eden. Together, the massively talented musicians of The Guitar & Whiskey Club hit a grand slam of a performance in Agoura Hills, supplying tremendous support to the Jack Russell’s Great White experience.

Expect to hear a lot more from The Guitar & Whiskey Clube in the months ahead. Upcoming events include an appearance at Lucky Strikes Live right smack in the heart of Hollywood on February 21th and the Universal Bar and Grill in Unversal City on March 27th!

The Guitar & Whiskey Club is:
Jeffrey Donovan – Guitar
Andy Hewett – Bass and Vocals
Seen Robinson – Guitar
Jennifer Wylde – Vocals
Bob Sickels – Drums

(Review by Ken Morton – Photo by Jack Lue)

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