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Yungblud at The Whisky – Live Review

Yungblud at The Whisky – Live Review

Photo Credit: Talia Farber

Yungblud, The Whisky, West Hollywood, CA., June 25, 2021

Yungblud at The Whisky blew the roof off the venue. This much anticipated free show was many’s first after-Covid show. The energy for this show was next level. He came out on stage with one of his latest hits, “Strawberry Lipstick”. The crowd instantly just roars the lyrics.

I personally love Dom’s music and his message. He’s a genuine refreshment to New Age music and his message just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He of course played “Parents” one of his songs with the most extravagant message. Parents ain’t always right, they won’t always accept you, and his reaction to that is simply “FUCK ‘EM, I LOVE YA FOR WHO YOU ARE.

There were so many memorable moments in this show, just every second of it was. My favorite part was when he was going to play “it’s quiet in Beverly Hills” he asked the crowd for someone really tall and really strong to sit on their shoulders. So this girl (yes, we love the strong females!) held him on top of her shoulders as he sang in the crowd for the whole song. It was amazing, it’s just so amazing to me how much he REALLY does LOOOOOOVVVVE his fans. He would do anything for them.

Photo Credit: Talia Farber

He later debuted his new, unreleased song “Fleabag”, which he played twice in a row. It definitely sounds like a Nirvana x Amy Winehouse song, which as we all know are some of his influences. Very excited to hear some new tunes, this guy is constantly working in the studio. He’s so creative that he just keeps writing. His latest album, “weird!” Originally had more than 14 songs cause he has so much material written. I don’t know any artist that’s always writing SO much. He loves his creative outlet and it shows.

The night ended with “Machine Gun” and of course the crowd goes ballistic. The energy is just really like no other, so much pent up energy after 16 plus months of no live shows. He splits the crowd in half and the kids just go all at each other. He then makes the room chant “Fuck the NRA” over and and over. His passion for politics has never been dull. Dom’s energy is wild and he starts smashing the mic stand on stage and destroying the drum kit.

He tells the crowd “I fuckin love ya guys” and that he’s going to play a song on the balcony in the whisky parking lot in 35 mins. Sadly, I missed that part cause he played earlier than he had planned to, but I saw videos and The Whisky and the street were surrounded. So many people, and he always does this after his shows. He comes out says hi to his fans, performs again for the people who couldn’t get in the show and just spreads so much love and joy.

This show was needed for everyone that night, what a way for The Whisky to return from Covid. Yungblud at the Whisky a Go Go will go down in history.

Set list:
Strawberry Lipstick
I love you, will you marry me
Ice Cream Man
It’s quiet in Beverly Hills
God save me, but don’t drown me out
Fleabag x2 (new unreleased song)
Machine Gun

(Review and Photos by Talia Farber)

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