Blood Of The Martyrs Releases Rerecorded “Lady Nightshade”

8f624c5f-026c-4129-ae0d-31f0843ca6aaVirginia’s seasoned veterans Blood Of The Martyrs, who have been touring for the better part of eighteen months in support of the band’s 2013 release Completionist, has released a rerecorded version of their track “Lady Nightshade.” The original version of the track was released on the band’s 2011 release Once More, With Feeling. The rerecorded version is available for free download off of Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Mediafire.The band will continue to tour throughout the rest of 2014 that has already included a stop at Driven Fest back in May.

Listen to the rerecorded version of “Lady Nightshade”

About Blood Of The Martyrs:
Blood Of The Martyrs is a ministry based metal band from Farmville VA who formed in late 2007. After playing numerous local shows and recording a few demos and EPs they released their first full length album Once More, With Feeling in 2011 under a small indie label which made it available on all major online outlets and retailers. Soon after the release the band steadily toured on a DIY basis, successfully booking a total of 250 tour dates between the years 2011-2012, which spanned the full eastern U.S and into the mid-west. Currently, the band is on track for a projected goal of 150 tour dates this year and has recently joined the Phoenix Agency roster with such bands as King Conquer (Mediaskare Records), Legend (Rise), The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, and In Dying Arms (Artery Recordings). The band strives to present itself in a professional manner, not only in person while at shows but also through their online presence, fully utilizing most, or all, major social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, which, on its own has collected nearly 400,000 views since 2010. The band is self-releasing their second full length on October 4th, titled Completionist, which was produced by Jamie King (Between The Buried and Me, For Today, The Human Abstract).



DOWNFALL OF GAIA completes work on upcoming new album “Aeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decay”!

downfall-of-gaiaDownfall of Gaia have just finished the recordings for their new album “Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay” to be released in the fall of 2014!

Downfall of Gaia comments: “All of us are pretty satisfied with the result of the new record and we are excited to share this new piece of music with the audience! The writing process itself became a bit more complex just because of the fact that our new drummer Michael Kadnar is living in New York and all of us are based in Germany. But in the end we were able to manage all of this in a good way, hit the studio and recorded our most aggressive sounding record till today.”

“Once again we recorded at the ’79 Sound Studio with Christoph Scheidel and we couldn’t ask for a better guy! Mixing job one more time by Jack Shirley from Atomic Garden and master by Brad Boatright from Audiosiege. Anytime again, guys!”

“The recording itself went pretty smooth just besides the annoying fact that all of us became pretty sick in the last few days of the studio and right before our European tour with Toxic Holocaust and Black Tusk, sitting there with a cold, fever and hardly able to talk, everything went just as planned! Definitely a funny pic to see! But for now we are happy to be done with the studio and can’t wait to play the new material live!”

Check out Downfall of Gaia videos and music at:


The Adventures of Dylan Gardner

dylangardner1_1200x900At 18 years old with a massive amount of talent, singer / songwriter Dylan Gardner is ready to take on the world.  His self-released album Adventures In Real Time in pure pop perfection, featuring superbly infectious tunes that will dazzle the senses.  At press time, Dylan just signed the dotted line with Warner Brothers Records – and now an adventure in the music industry is about to commence.  A few weeks prior, we caught up with Dylan just right before a show at the Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena.  Read on as we get to know this exciting new artist on the rise…

What was the name of the first song you wrote, how old were you and what was that song about?
It was called “Rock and Roll Highway” and I was 6-7 years old. It sounded very close to AC/DC’sTNT” and that was the first song and I held onto it for a while. I never did anything with it. I actually demo’d it on the four track I had at home, but I heard my voice for the first time and I was bummed out. I didn’t really try writing songs again for a long time, until around 2010 when I was 14.

dylanlive1Is there any overall story or concept behind the title Adventures in Real Time?
I figured once the album was done, I listened to all the tracks that we had and I thought it sounded adventurous. My first thought was well, somehow the name “adventure” should be involved in here. I had a brainstorming session with my brother, and after an hour of coming up with all these names, we got “Adventures in Real Time” listening to the album is like an “Adventures in Real Time” – you’ve taken in ten different places with the ten different songs. So I love the title, I think it sums it up real well. It also rolls off the tongue, which always helps.

Select any two songs off “Adventures in Real Time” and what inspired the lyrics.
The most interesting story is probably “The Actor.” It’s inspired by Joaquin Phoenix when he stopped acting and grew the beard, the sunglasses and did his own thing. That was how I saw it. He was my favorite actor in the entire universe and he did that thing, I was like wow that’s an interesting story. Another song, “Sing For The Stars” is an interesting one. Those lyrics are inspired by me sitting on my bed at night, looking up at the sky and wondering where do you go from here? Where do your dreams take you? What are you going to do when you grow up? It’s a pretty big song that touches on a lot of my dreams. A lot of the songs on “Adventures in Real Time” are about dreams, the next bigger phase and wanting to get there.

dylanlive2What can one expect from your live show tonight?
An energetic experience. They can expect sing-alongs, some surprises, A lot of chemistry between my brother and I. Anyone who comes is not going to forget who I am and everyone is going to have left having a great time. It’s an audience participation show.

Any strange or scary stories from the road that you can share?
Nothing scary yet, but I’ve played a lot of strange shows. I’ve played the closing sale of a Circuit City way back when. I cut my teeth playing gigs at banks in Illinois. I used to play Oxford Bank. Luckily I haven’t had any scary stories yet, there’s a time and place for everything though.

If you could open for any band either now or from the past, who and why?
If I had to give one answer, it’d probably be the band Fun. They got their start, I feel, in Arizona. They were playing a lot of shows around my house for free. I’d go see them before Some Nights came out. I was obsessed with their first album. I saw and met those guys twice and the last time I met them, the second time, was the day Some Nights came out. They were having a release party at Zia Records in Phoenix. I told them, I’m having talks with labels now and you guys are such a huge inspiration on me, I can’t wait to open for you guys one day. I’ll see you guys at the Grammy’s. They were like, yeah right we’ll never get to the Grammy’s. Next thing you know, they’re the best new artist. That’d be the most sweet thing for me, to open for those guys. Especially since I’ve been very inspired by them. To be with those guys is really a dream.

a0536645580_10Sir Paul McCartney asks you to appear on a Beatles tribute album. You can cover any one of their songs, what song?
I love performing “I Saw Her Standing There,” which I’m performing it tonight. I’d do one that Paul sang out of respect for him asking me to do it. Oh gosh. My answer changes every minute. I like “The Night Before,” let’s go with that. Maybe “Eleanor Rigby.” Let’s go with “The Night Before” – that’s a fun song…

You’ve written over 100 songs, what is the count now?
I have no idea what the count is. By the time – back when I had Rock and Roll Highway, I already had 30 songs then. I still remember how all of them went, I had a voice recorder back then so it’s all there. They were all done, then a long time passed. Then in 2010 I started writing songs again and then from there I wrote about 100 songs. Then I wrote another 30 and out of that 30, became Adventures in Real Time and with “The Actor” plucked out of that batch of 100 and I haven’t stopped since then. I couldnt give you an honest count.

How close are you to recording a new album?
I could start tonight. The second album is done being written, and it’s better than the first album in my opinion. I’m working on the third album right now. The second album is not going to come out any time soon, since the first album just came out but it exists and for anyone that cares, it’s better and I love it. I’m very proud of it. I do this all in my room, it’s fully demo’d just like my album before it. I’m able to have hindsight and listen to it – I’ve been living with it for a while and I love it.

What’s up next for you in the immediate future?
I really want to tour, that’s probably the next big thing. I want to do it all. Tour, put the album out there, meet people but as far as the one most immediate, it’s touring. I haven’t done full fledged out on the road touring and that’s what I want to do.

Do you have any messages for people reading this right now who should check your music out?
Go listen to Adventures in Real Time and let me know what you think, your opinion matters. For anyone who doesn’t listen, I’ll always try to keep giving them fun, energetic music that they’ll all love. We all want to celebrate music here, that’s the greatest thing about music. It’s the greatest thing ever invented.

(Interview and Photos by Ken Morton)

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dividedheaven5Non-stop touring is an understatement for LA-based band, Divided Heaven. This year, they’ve already toured North America, Europe and Japan, in addition to several dates on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour, and have just announced a fall tour.

Divided Heaven, which has toured mostly solo, is heading out full band along the west coast, and including stops in Portland, Seattle, and Las Vegas before finishing up in Los Angeles. Supporting for the entire tour is San Diego band, Dead Frets.

Divided Heaven is touring in support of the new album Youngblood, which dropped March 25 on Say-10 Records. The sophomore effort was produced by Charlie Stavish (Imagine Dragons, Ryan Adams) and Stephen Egerton (ALL, Descendents). For fans of: Saves The Day, City and Colour, Ryan Adams, Green Day and Frank Turner.

Divided Heaven’s full-band September Tour:
September 4 – Boars Crossing – Carlsbad, CA (early show)
September 4 – Til Two Club – San Diego, CA (late show)
September 5 – DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA
September 6 – The Lounge – Susanville, CA
September 7 – Volcanic Theatre – Bend, OR
September 8 – Le Voyeur – Olympia, WA
September 9 – The Kraken – Seattle, WA
September 10 – Twilight – Portland, WA
September 11 – The Press Club – Sacramento, CA
September 12 – Riley’s – Bakersfield, CA
September 13 – Artistic Armory – Las Vegas, NV
September 14 – Hotel Café – Los Angeles, CA

Singer/Songwriter, Jeff Berman, has been involved a variety of projects including time with Protagonist, The Boils and VPR. On tour constantly, Berman pulls lyrical influence from the various cities he’s lived in including Washington DC, Berlin and his current home, Los Angeles.

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Photo Credit: Graham Fielder

Photo Credit: Graham Fielder


(Sacramento, Calif.): Aussie metalcore band Capture the Crown will kick down the doors of venues throughout the fall when they co-headline the “Merchnow Presents: Not Your American Idols Tour” with For All Those Sleeping.

The must-see tour, which launches October 1 in Buffalo and winds through the U.S. and Canada before wrapping November 3 in Pittsburgh, also features Ice Nine Kills, Palisades, Myka Relocate and Youth in Revolt on the bill. The tour is also supported by Substream Magazine and Idobi Howl.

Singer Jeffrey Wellfare from Capture The Crown commented, “We’re really excited to go out on a headline tour in support of our new album Reign of Terror. The response on the current Chiodos / Blessthefall tour has been overwhelming and we can’t wait to play these songs in a more intimate setting. We’ve been able to do some amazing tours and learn from some great headliners, and now it’s our turn to show the world what we have. We’ve teamed up with FATS and some really great support acts. We are ‘NOT YOUR AMERICAN IDOLS!‘”

7a2bff09-ba1e-41a1-b34d-7e708d409dcfFor All Those Sleeping frontman Mike Champa stated, “We’re proud to announce that we’ll be doing the ‘Not Your American Idols Tour‘ this fall with our good friends Capture The Crown, Ice Nine Kills, Palisades, Myka Relocate and Youth In Revolt! With our new album Incomplete Me just releasing and us just finishing up playing the Van’s Warped Tour, we knew we wanted to keep the momentum rolling and this tour was the perfect way to allow us to share our new music with all of our fans.”

As Wellfare mentioned, CTC recently released their Artery Recordings debut and second album Reign of Terror. The band is currently on tour with Chiodos and Blessthefall as part of the Crowd Surf America Tour, but there will be no rest and no real time off for the CTC, as they will hit the road again almost immediately on the “Not Your American Idols Tour.”

The road is where Capture the Crown make their home, as they enjoy both thrilling and converting fans one show, one venue and one stage at a time.

10/01 – Buffalo, NY – Waiting Room
10/02 – Ottawa, ON – Mavericks
10/03 – Toronto, ON – Hard Luck Bar
10/04 – Lemoyne, PA – Championship
10/05 – New York, NY – Studio At Webster
10/07 – Freehold, NJ – GameChanger World
10/08 – West Springfield, VA – Empire
10/09 – Charlotte, NC – Tremont Music Hall
10/10 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
10/11 – Tupelo, MS – GoodTime Charlie’s
10/12 – Little Rock, AR – Rev Room
10/14 – Houston, TX – Walters
10/15 – Fort Worth, TX – Tomcats West
10/16 – Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad
10/17 – Tempe, AZ – The Underground
10/18 – San Diego, CA – Soma Sidestage
10/19 – Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction
10/21 – Sacramento, CA – Assembly
10/23 – Portland, OR – Branx
10/24 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon
10/25 – Boise, ID – The Shredder
10/26 – Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue
10/27 – Colorado Springs, CO – Black Sheep
10/29 – Nashville, TN – The End
10/30 – Indianapolis, IN – Emerson Theatre
10/31 – Pontiac, MI – The Pike Room
11/01 – Joliet, IL – Mojoes
11/02 – Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom
11/03 – Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar

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Journeys Noise Tour Presents: ISSUES Featuring Ghost Town, Marmozets and Nightmares

issuestou1ISSUES will headline the Journeys Noise Tour with support from Ghost Town, Marmozets, and Nightmares. The tour kicks off on Halloween in Atlanta, GA and runs through December 13.

VIP packages and pre-sale tickets are available beginning at 10am on Tuesday August 19th at Tickets go on sale to the public beginning Friday August 22nd at 10am.

ISSUES recently wrapped their summer long stint on the Journeys Stage on the Vans Warped Tour and are currently touring throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The band’s most recent effort, their self-titled debut LP, was released in February 2014 via Velocity/Rise Records, and landed in the Billboard Top 10 in its week of release.

issues_aug_2014_use_thisAlternative Press has labeled ISSUES, “the future of metalcore…” while Substream raved, “This is the album you need to jam in 2014.” Kerrang! heralded the effort as an, “almost perfect debut from genre-less hotshots…” with Rock Sound calling it, “…an extremely important album.”

ISSUES have toured with the likes of A Day To Remember, Of Mice & Men, Pierce The Veil, Bring Me The Horizon, Memphis May Fire and Sleeping With Sirens, and are known for their genre defying hybrid of heavy rock and melodic choruses, which is fueled by dueling vocalists Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn, and the unique scratching and synths, courtesy of DJ Scout.

Tour Dates
Fri/Oct-31-2014 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
Sat/Nov-01-2014 Charlotte, NC Amos’ South End
Sun/Nov-02-2014 Baltimore, MD Soundstage
Mon/Nov-03-2014 New York, NY Irving Plaza
Wed/Nov-05-2014 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of Living Arts
Thu/Nov-06-2014 Worcester, MA Palladium
Fri/Nov-07-2014 Montreal, QC La Tulipe
Sat/Nov-08-2014 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Hall
Sun/Nov-09-2014 Detroit, MI St Andrews Hall
Tue/Nov-11-2014 Cleveland, OH House Of Blues
Wed/Nov-12-2014 Nashville, TN Rocketown
Thu/Nov-13-2014 St Louis, MO The Ready Room
Fri/Nov-14-2014 Chicago, IL House Of Blues
Sat/Nov-15-2014 Burnsville, MN The Garage
Sun/Nov-16-2014 Des Moines, IA Woolys
Mon/Nov-17-2014 Lawrence, KS Granada Theater
Tue/Nov-18-2014 Denver, CO The Summit
Thu/Nov-20-2014 Salt Lake City, UT Murray Theater
Fri/Nov-21-2014 Boise, ID Knitting Factory
Sat/Nov-22-2014 Seattle, WA El Corazon
Sun/Nov-23-2014 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theater
Tue/Nov-25-2014 Sacramento, CA Ace of Spades
Wed/Nov-26-2014 Anaheim, CA House Of Blues
Fri/Nov-28-2014 Los Angeles, CA House Of Blues
Sat/Nov-29-2014 San Diego, CA House of Blues
Sun/Nov-30-2014 Phoenix, AZ Nile Theatre
Tue/Dec-02-2014 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom
Wed/Dec-03-2014 Dallas, TX House Of Blues
Sun/Dec-07-2014 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit
Mon/Dec-08-2014 Houston, TX House Of Blues
Tue/Dec-09-2014 New Orleans, LA House Of Blues
Thu/Dec-11-2014 Tampa, FL State Theater
Fri/Dec-12-2014 Ft Lauderdale, FL Revolution Live
Sat/Dec-13-2014 Orlando, FL House Of Blues

Rise Records

Journeys is a leader in the teen specialty retail scene, with more than 800 stores in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. Journeys uses fashion savvy and merchandising science to keep in step with the fast-paced footwear and accessories market for 13- to 22-year-old guys and girls. Journeys offers a wide variety of trendy, relevant brands that cater to teens who seek the hottest, new styles. The Journeys store is more than a retail environment; it’s an extension of the teen lifestyle. From the plasma TVs playing exclusive content and the latest music videos, to the visual merchandising strategy and promotions, to the employees whose image and style reflect the customers’ lifestyle and attitude. In addition, Journeys reaches its customers through, a mobile website, catalog, national advertising, strategic cross-promotions, social media and grass-roots events like The Journeys Noise Tour. Journeys is, in every way, an attitude you can wear!




Fit For A King have announced a fall co-headlining tour with Being As An Ocean. Presented by MerchNow the tour will also feature support by Gideon and Wolves At The Gate. Fresh off the Warped Tour, the band are promoting the release of a new album, Slave To Nothing, to be released October 14th via Solid State Records. Produced by Will Putney (Suicide Silence, Miss May I) Slave To Nothing promises to be their most massive sounding work to date.

fitcoheadlinerThe bands 2013 release Creation/Destruction was the BIGGEST album debut in the history of the label (which is no small feat considering their catalogue also includes heavyweights such as Underoath, August Burns Red and Demon Hunter).

Since that time Fit For A King have criss-crossed the nation supporting acts including For Today, Upon A Burning Body, Attila, Like Moths To Flames, Stray From The Path and Impending Doom. (full tour dates below)

Fit For A King fall tour 2014
(all dates with Being As An Ocean, Gideon & Wolves At The Gate)
9/27 El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls
9/28 Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
9/29 Canoga Park, CA @ Cobalt Café
9/30 Fresno, CA @ Strummers
10/1 Sacramento, CA @ Assembly
10/2 Reno, NV @ The Alley
10/3 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater
10/4 Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
10/5 Spokane, WA @ The Hop
10/7 Colorado Springs, CO @ Black Sheep
10/8 Oklahoma City, OK @ The Conservatory
10/9 Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone Café
10/10 Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
10/11 Charleston, SC @Skatepark Of Charleston
10/12 Jacksonville, FL @ Murray Hill Theater
10/13 Tallahassee, FL @ Sidebar Theatre
10/14 Birmingham, AL @ The Forge
10/16 Roanoke, VA @ InsideOut
10/17 Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar
10/18 Buffalo, NY @ The Waiting Room
10/19 Columbus, OH @ Skullys
10/20 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Stache
10/21 Detroit, MI @ The Shelter
10/23 Indianapolis, IN @The Emerson Theater
10/24 St Louis, MO @ Fubar
10/25 Lawrence, KS @The Jackpot

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Fallujah: Extreme Artistry on Summer Slaughter

fallujahalex1Fallujah fearlessly mesh elements of progressive metal, blackened death, and a fiery dose of imagination, unveiling an extreme artistry that is wondrous to behold.  The San Francisco-based collective recently completed a trek across the country on the Summer Slaughter Tour, impressing audiences with their epic opening performances.  Toward the beginning of the Summer Slaughter madness, we caught up with vocalist Alex Hofmann at the House Of Blues on the world famous Sunset Strip – just right after they leveled the venue with a thoroughly mesmerizing set.  Read on as we discuss their new album The Flesh Prevails – now available on Unique Leaders Records – life on the road here in the States and abroad, the San Francisco music scene, and other exhilarating topics of intrigue…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Fallujah and how long the band has been together.
I’m Alex, I sing and the band has been around since 2007.

fallujahjl8What’s the metal scene like in San Francisco?
Not a good scene in my opinion. It’s one of those towns where the local shows do OK and the big bands do OK. But it’s really difficult for smaller touring bands to come through, it’s not really self sustaining. Hence why we’re motivated to go out and tour quite early. We started touring when we were 18. San Francisco is our home but as far as these days, it used to be when I was a kid, we had an awesome hardcore scene. Metal took a little bit of a back burner, but things kind of blended after a while. so the metal and hardcore scenes were together, it used to be fucking amazing. Now all the big bands got off on their feet, small bands broke up. The scene is a lot different than is used to be.

How’s the Summer Slaughter tour been going so far, what are some of the highlights?
Merch sales! That’s been great, food hasn’t been that great since we haven’t gotten any. Good shows, talking to people. We’re only three days in so we haven’t hit a lot of the hot weather or long drives yet. We’re milking that as long we can because it’s about to be fucking brutal by the end of this.

fallujahjl4Let’s talk about the new album. Is there any story or concept behind the CD title, The Flesh Prevails?
Yeah, well, it’s not really a concept album at all, but there’s a recurring theme you could say, that being self-empowerment. Whether it’s emotional empowerment, sexual empowerment, psychological empowerment. A lot of different themes of finding yourself in incredibly volatile and dark places instead of trying to escape them and deal with them head on.

Select two songs that you’ll be doing tonight and what inspired the lyrics.
The song “Sapphire” I wrote around the time I was moving out to San Francisco. That mixed with some looming childhood ideas I’ve had ever since I’ve left Canada, I’m Canadian. This lack of knowing where you’re from and knowing where you should be and being unsatisfied where you find yourself and kind of reminiscing on places you really enjoy and you can never go back to. It was about this insecurity of not really feeling you’re in place and nowhere is really home. Then “Carved from Stone,” I’ll let the listeners read the lyrics and make up their own minds about that song.

fallujahjl5Who did the cover art and how much input did you have on it?
Tomasz Alen Kopera, who’s a Polish artist. I’ve followed him forever. I handle all of our artwork, all of our previous stuff was usually done by me and so we wanted to bring someone in to do the new album cover. We were shopping around for a really long time looking for something that made sense and we kind of had no luck and we came across that and we were like – the artwork kind of represents all of the themes of the album tied up into one. It was my job to do all the photo treatment, texture and color to get that and the whole layout to look cohesive. To look like one general package, which was a lot of fun, actually. I always really enjoy using other people’s artwork in making it my own than actually doing stuff from scratch like I’ve had to do before.  I licensed this artwork, I need to make a layout out of it, I think the whole thing came out exactly how we wanted. We think we have the best cover of any band out right here, we’re really stoked on the artwork.  It’s really elegant and tasteful.

If Fallujah could open for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why.
The Deftones. They’re my favorite band of all time. We all love The Deftones. We’d love to open for Devin Townsend, he actually tweeted at us last night saying that he loved our new album. We all fan-girled for a second. I’d love to go on tour with a band like Godspeed You Black Emperor. From back in the day, it’s nice to say oh yea going on tour with Pink Floyd would be awesome, but whether or not that’s realistic. I’d love to go on tour with Thrice. They’re my second favorite band of all time. I’d love to eventually evolve to a point where tours with those bands are actually feasible, where the set can be diverse enough to where we could tour with them.  Animals As Leaders got to tour with Thrice, that’d be a dream come true for me. If Thrice hadn’t happened, none of this from Fallujah would have happened, at least for me. I would have never started the band. They started the whole chain of things for me. That’d be a great opportunity.

fallujahjl6How did the European tour with Suffocation go?
It was a learning experience. There are a lot of logistics in going to Europe that you have to tackle head on because the fans are different, there’s a lot of things we’ll do differently next time in terms of merch and traveling. Like, it’s just really expensive in the beginning. You can be doing really great in the states, go over there and no one knows who you are so you’re kind of starting over at a certain point. But it was cool seeing these fans who didn’t even speak a word of English, crazy superfans who are wearing your shirts they ordered for $30 shipping and they live in the Ukraine or Poland or some shit, oh you paid so much money to get that t shirt, wow. We became really good friends with the guys in Cephalic Carnage, really good friends with the guys in Havok. Traveling is why I do this. Playing music and traveling are the two motivations for touring. You have such a long periods of time because the busses show up so early, and you have these late bus calls. You can spend your days traveling, be back by three for soundcheck then after the show is over, you can go find a place to party until 4am when your bus leaves. You dont have to worry about driving. It’s a lot of convenience which of course is very expensive. You pay like €15 for a bag of nectarines and shit in Finland. You have to budget your money appropriately.

What’s up next for you guys after Summer Slaughter is all over?
We have a little west coast headliner coming up, doing all “B” markets with a few bands. Those details will come out later. Then we’re going to Europe with Dying Fetus and Goatwhore, who are both on this tour. We’re doing Europe for five weeks then after that, the album cycle begins really soon, we’re at the beginning of it. The album comes out next Tuesday, so right now once the first week sales come out and these tours wrap up, there’s already talk for early next year.

fallujahjl7What would you like a listener to remember the most after hearing your album for the first time?
How it made you feel and what emotions it made you elicit. We as a band don’t really look for achieving things like brutality and technicality, those come standard in my opinion. It’s what you really do with music is, while we’re writing progressions and melodies and trying to create an aura with a song, we ask: what does this song tell you? What does putting these three notes in this order change the way you feel when you put them in a different order? It can elicit nostalgia, sadness, lust, depression, all kinds of memories about whatever and that’s what I’d like them to really try and harness when they put the album in for the first time. Like, wow, that section of the song, how did it make you feel for the first time and did it make you think of something from your past that’s completely different than what I felt when I was writing it?

Any messages for people reading this that should check your band out?
There’s tons of merch online, you can order anywhere. Local stores, at shows, if you’re going to come to Summer Slaughter, buy at the table. Come say what’s up. Help us get that good first week sales.

Fallujah is:
Alex Hofmann – Vocals
Scott Carstairs – Guitars
Brian James- Guitars
Robert Morey – Bass
Andrew Baird – Drums

(Interview by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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LOS ANGELES, CA — Bob Seger has emerged from the studio equipped with a new album, Ride Out, set to be released October 14 on Capitol Records. The first single, “Detroit Made,” pays homage to America’s love affair with the automobile. The uptempo song hit radio airwaves this past weekend serving as the perfect backdrop to the 20th annual Woodward Dream Cruise, the world’s largest one day celebration of classic car culture.

“I feel really good about this record,” says Seger. “This album touches on how I think a lot of us feel about finding our place in a more complicated world – from how we appreciate things as simple and pure as love, to navigating through the corruption and violence that permeates the news. It sums up a lot of feelings I have about a variety of subjects.”

Produced by Seger, the new collection stays true to his legendary sound as he effortlessly marries rock, blues and country, yielding an album with all the hallmarks of the rocker’s deep catalog of hits. Seger began teasing tracks from the album during his 2013 tour, including “Detroit Made,” “All of The Roads” and “California Stars.”

Ride Out is Seger’s first studio album since his 2006 platinum-certified Face The Promise and follows his 2011 platinum-certified release, Ultimate Hits: Rock and Roll Never Forgets.

Bob Seger has sold more than 51 million albums and has racked up 13 platinum and 7 multi-platinum RIAA-certified album sales awards in the U.S. alone. He is both a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee, and his Greatest Hits, Against The Wind, Night Moves, Stranger In Town, Nine Tonight, and Live Bullet have been RIAA-certified for more than five million U.S. album sales each. The 1994 Greatest Hits collection was the #1 best-selling catalog album in the U.S. during the past decade (2001-2009), as reported by Billboard/SoundScan. With his many successes, Seger’s music is permanently etched in the American musical landscape.


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