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Til Skies Fall and Afterlife at Chain Reaction

Danielle Musitelle of Til Skies Fall

Til Skies Fall, Afterlife, Chain Reaction, November 11, 2017

Till Skies Fall

The Hikari Tour made its way to the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, featuring the rock solid bill of Oceans Ate Alaska, Invent Animate, Dayseeker, and Aftermath. Opening the sold out show was So Cal’s very own Til Skies Fall, whose exhilarating set definitely warmed up the crowd for a rapturous night of superbly heavy post hardcore reveries. Til Skies Fall is a female fronted metalcore band who are really beginning to make a name for themselves within and even beyond their Los Angeles/Orange County home base. Certainly an opportunity to reach a whole lot of new fans, Til Skies Fall made the very most of the opening slot on The Hikari Tour and would receive various mentions from all of the other bands throughout the night. Opening with their recently issued 40 Years To Rise single, Til Skies Falls instantly caught the attention of the early arrivals, and proceeded to play a short yet wondrously captivating set.

Vocalist Danielle Musitelle is quite a dynamic talent – whether she’s singing with the sweet ease of Hayley Williams from Paramore or screaming like a possessed Alissa White-Gluz from Arch Enemy, Ms. Musitelle enraptures the listener with a gloriously fierce performance. The impressive guitar interludes are brought to you courtesy of Victor Molina and Anthony Reyes, searing through the venue with a ferocious sense of conviction. The right on target rhythm section consists of Mario Amaya on bass and Colin Ring on drums. Other songs unveiled by Til Skies Fall included Submerged, Final Thread, and Show You – all clearly showing a band ready and willing to bust out of the Chain Reaction in nothing short of an epic way. It will be interesting to see what the future has in store for Til Skies Fall – if their live show is indicative of greater glories ahead, expect to be hearing a whole lot more from this up and coming band in future days ahead.

Til Skies Fall on Facebook

Tyler Levenson of Afterlife


A band rabidly entering the radar of music fans all across the nation is certainly Afterlife. Earlier in the year, Afterlife issued Vicious Cycle, their earth shattering debut EP for Stay Sick Recordings – a label owned by the one and only Fronz of Attila. Playing their first ever show at the Chain Reaction, this compelling Florida-based outfit won over the jammed to capacity crowd with their imaginative combination of nu-metal and post hardcore. Tyler Levenson is a commanding front man who really knows how to convey the scorching lyrics, reeling the audience in for the devastating sonic entreaties ahead. Also featured are supremely tight and inspired performances from each and every member of the Afterlife brigade.

Selections such as Pain & Pleasure and Catalyst were absolutely explosive, resulting in some superbly intensive pit action early on. With performances this intense and well received, it won’t be long until Afterlife find themselves headlining their very own tours. Expect 2018 to be an exciting year for the Afterlife collective! In the meantime, be sure to catch Afterlife and the entire Hikari Tour when they show up the plunder your town!

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(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Santos Velasco)

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